Andrews Laser Works is at the leading edge of high technology metalworking today. We provide aerospace quality parts of stainless steel and more exotic alloys to a variety of industries.

What we do
As our name suggests, we employ advanced laser-cutting technology for customers who require the utmost in precision-cut quality parts. At the same time, we provide a wide range of other important metalworking services, which include stamping, abrasive water-jet cutting, forming, wire EDM, welding, machining and riveting, along with dozens of support processes that complete our ability to fully serve our customers.

We supply turbine engine brackets and stampings around the country and overseas, for both military and commercial applications.

We are searching the world for companies in the areas of: aerospace, power generation, medical devices, food processing equipment, heavy machinery, and any company looking for a long-term relationship with a quality supplier

Who we are
Originally founded in 1946, the company was purchased by the current management in 1995 and moved to its current location. We are located across the Ohio river from Cincinnati, Ohio, in Wilder, Kentucky.